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2nd Mortgage Fixed Rate Loan

For over 31 years, Ocean Pacific Capital in California has helped homeowners obtain additional cash through a 2nd mortgage fixed rate loan, which can also be a 2nd mortgage or a home equity loan. With access to over 130 different lenders, we can find the right loan to meet all of your financial needs. Typically, this type of loan has a low, fixed rate and is paid to the borrower in a single lump sum. A 2nd mortgage fixed rate loan is a popular method for debt consolidation to pay off higher interest balances on credit cards and personal loans. This process allows homeowners to better control their monthly cash flow and reduce interest on their monthly payments. Rather than interest amortizing daily, a 2nd mortgage fixed rate loan will remain fixed throughout the term of the loan. Many homeowners have questions, but they don't know who to trust or who to come to for help. For more information, or to get started on this process today, call us to speak to our residential loan specialist who will serve any county in California.

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