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For over 31 years, Ocean Pacific Capital has offered all types of residential home loans for its clients. We assisted our clients in obtaining the lowest rates on all home mortgage loans and continue to offer the same trusted, expert services that our clients deserve without the hidden home loan costs. Our residential financing department prides on our ability to help our clients acquire the best home loan. Our flexible home loan financing options allows our borrowers to find the right loan as we assist them in structuring the most appropriate home loan finance program to meet their needs. All of our home loans are designed to minimize costs while delivering the best home loan. Some of the loan programs we offer include home loan mortgage interest only payment option, 30-year fixed home loans, home mortgage loan payout periods of 3-5-7-10-15-30-40 fixed interest rates, 30-day/45-day closing guarantee on all residential home loans, home mortgage loans available for less-than-perfect credit scores (bad-credit), loans for a high debt-to-income ratio, loans for homeowners with previous bankruptcy, low interst rate and no-point home loans, conforming and non-conforming home loans, full doc, stated-income, and no-doc home loans. For more information on any of the home loans, consult our residential experts. Call us today!

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